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omik open mouth insert keyboard
omik Open Mouth, Insert Keyboard
omw oh my word
omw on my way
on9 online
onna oh no not again
onna oh no, not again
onna oh no, not again !
onna on the
ooh oh
ooh on one hand
opis office
opRtunET opportunity
OrNME or nearest medieval equivalent
os of
os operating system
otoc on the quiet of course
ott over the top
OTTOMH off the top of my head
outd%rs outdoors
OvR8d over rated
OvR8d overated
OvR8d overrated
ovRdU overdue
owtte or words to that effect
oystz oysters
porno old
uo on
This is Popular Texting TxT Lingo list for O page 1 of 2
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evry part of me wnats u, mayB coz i waz md just 4 u!
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