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Android Cell Phone
Sunday 28th June, 2009
Google Inc. will allow developers to sell applications for its Android cell phone operating system beginning in the US, specifically as Google seeks to expand in a smart phone arena dominated by Apple Inc.

Android is a software platform and operating system for mobile devices based on another operating system called Linux kernel that was initially developed in 2005 by Google. The company first launched its US Android market in October 2008, which followed the debut of the very first Googlephone.

The T-Mobile G1 phone which is powered by Google launched in America and Europe was the first Android phone and made a very disappointing debut. The phone designed by HTC used Google's operating system and was brought to the market by T-Mobile. It was highly anticipated by many people but failed compared to Apple's iPhone and other more popular and better designed Smartphones. Despite the phone's market let down however, Google's Android mobile operating system won over many developers who see an optimistic future as most headset manufacturers and carriers adapt more programmer friendly OS.

By the end of March, Google will allow true application sales from developers in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France and Spain and they've also opened up a free-application Android Market in Australia. It's also expected to reach Singapore.

Meanwhile, Android has unveiled a second Google phone by Vodafone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona called the touch screen HTC Magic and will feature a 3.2 Megapixel camera, wi-fi and GPS. The phone will also feature a new Android firmware known as cupcake with changes based on G1 user suggestions.

HTC Magic will go on sale to Vodafone customers in the UK, Germany, Spain, and France and non-exclusively in Italy. Visit the Vodafone online shop for more info on their latest smartphones, including the HTC handset.
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